The following are some of my favorite sites.  I hope you will enjoy visiting them as much as I have.  

This is my absolute favorite site.  I have been using Cherry's materials for about five years.  Cherry is a dedicated educator who wants children to succeed. She is very talented and creative.  Her site is set up like a community with street names. Click on the areas on the left to go to pages to get bunches of wonderful materials. I especially like Word Way and Blends Boulevard.  I worked on some activities for antonyms, synonyms, and homophones using Cherry's format.  She generously placed some of my materials on Antonym Alley on her website. I have spent many hours at Cherry's site.  Every time I go back to check it out, she has something new. I could type many pages to tell you about this site, but I guarantee you will find some very useful materials.  Just check it out for yourself and you'll be hooked like I am.

This site is great for ordering materials for students who are visual learners to learn their sight words. I use their materials a lot!  I put their sight word stickers on cards and recorded information on them for students to slide them through the CardMaster Card Reader. This is great for an independent learning center. Kids also love their riddles.

This site is great for phonemic awareness, phonics practice, and vocabulary practice. The K-5 materials can be purchased as an online download or on a CD.  I use the Kindergarten worksheets a lot.  They provide practice with letter identification, spatial words,  color words, following directions,  and visual discrimination.

This site is a favorite of my students.  It has interactive games and books to be read aloud online when the student places the mouse over the word.  The books and workbooks can be ordered for a minimal fee or can be printed from online for free.

This site has a lot of free worksheets.  My favorite area, however, is the Tommy Tales page accessed under Ewe Books.  You can copy the books, get lesson plans, and about 20 worksheets for each book. Tommy and his pals have great fun traveling through time by using a remote control which is actually a robot called, RK-5. To access this site, you must become a member by filling out some information, but it does not involve any really is free! You can get colored cover sheets for the Tommy Tale books at the sister site which is listed next. The nest three sites are sister sites of Learning page.

I became a member of this site several years ago when they first were getting started. Their membership fee is well worth it.  They have paper books to copy and make, lesson plans, worksheets, word cards, running records for each book, and many other materials. The books are leveled and correlated with Reading Recovery and other levels.  You can get about 30 books for free to try out the site.

This site is also part of the above website.  I have become a member of it also.  I used their preview site last year and found it to be great fun for kids. Some of the books from the Readinga-z site are able to be read aloud to students when online.  There are also online comprehension quizzes for the books and worksheets.

In January, 2006, Learning Page (ProQuest) launched its new site for vocabulary development. After becoming a member of the site, you click on a curriculum area and it generates flash cards, lesson plans, worksheets, graphic organizers, and game boards for your selected set of vocabulary words. If they progress like the other sites did, then this will be a very valuable site for teachers.

Well, Pro Quest has added their writing component to their site. They now have a well-rounded program for teachers, students, and parents to use for Language Arts development. This is part of the four previous sites mentioned above.

This site has lots of interactive games for all curriculum areas.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to click on the grade level or curriculum area.

This site has many interactive games and activities for math, science, social studies, and language arts. Some are divided into grade levels. These are a lot of fun for students.

This is a site of the University of Virginia.  It was created for Head Start students.  It has nursery rhymes correlated with books for each week.  There are lesson plans, rhyming words and picture cards for each nursery rhyme.  Also, there are riddle cards for the rhyming words, rimes for each riddle, and alphabet cards for seasons and holidays.  The site is called Webbing Into Literacy (WIL).

This is the website of a school in England.  Their nursery rhymes are great.  They have a lot of thought provoking questions for kids.  The Magnetic Poetry is great fun for kids.

This page helps children practice Dolch Sight Words by giving sentences with an animated picture. Students can click on each word to hear them.  There is also a test.

This page gives only the Dolch Words.  When students scroll the mouse over the word, they can hear the word.  This is part of the above page by John Rickey Room 108.

This site has proofreading practice for grades 2-5. It is by Houghton Mifflin.

This site has lots of information about the alphabet, colors, numbers, and books.  It has a arts and crafts resource area for Animated Literacy by Jim Stone under the area of Alpha Buddies.

This website has alphabet books, lesson plans for many themes, etc. The alphabet books are great for Kindergarten students to make. They can practice writing words beginning with a letter of the alphabet.  They also match the picture with its word by gluing the picture in the correct place.

This site has a huge amount of links that are very useful resources for educators.

This website has Power Point slide shows for language arts in many grade levels. Some have to be unzipped.  if you have Windows XP, you don't have to worry, your program can unzip the files.  Other versions will need a special program like WinZip which can be downloaded for a free trial at .

If you know of a website which you used to access, but it is no longer available, it can be found here.

This website has forms, lesson plans, and Dolch Sight Words presented as Power Point slide shows.


These next sites have lesson plans, ideas, and templates for Kidpix, Inspiration, and Kidspiration.  They are great for getting students involved in using technology for all curriculum areas.



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