Academic Vocabulary

       Come join us as we go on our "academic knowledge" journey. We will be learning academic vocabulary in grades K-5 for the curriculum areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies. The academic vocabulary words come from the GPS (Georgia Proficiency Standards).

         I adapted some of the ideas of my friends,                         Diane Hodgkins and Rebeca Richardson, who are also ESOL teachers. My fellow ESOL teachers in Polk County have worked with me on this project: Carolyn Drummond, Tammy Trawick, Linda Boggs, Dara Gastley, Kathy Lindsey, Odette Estes, James Hurst, and Julie Williams.

      Some of the graphics for the books, stickers, cards, games, and other activities came from graphic artists who are merchants at . I bought some of the products for the graphics and others were given to me by some of these special merchants who wanted to support my educational venture. Thank you my CG friends, Kat "artgrafx", jaguarwoman, Kelley "edain", Donna "pizazz", Jean-Luc, Ariana "darkephazegraphix", Rena "renapd", 3DSublimeProductions, Pam "4udreamcatcher", Liz "etomchec", Carol "romanceworks", pappy411, CodemanStudios, and many others.                   



general lesson plan

family and vehicle outlines for sight word mastery


                mom's clothes


                                                               dad's clothes


                                                               baby's clothes


                                                               sister's clothes


                                                               brother's clothes

                                                               teen sister

                                                               teen sister's clothes

                                                               teen brother

                                                               teen brother's clothes




school suitcase portfolio notebook

teacher's lists of vocabulary words

K Language Arts

                                           K Math

                                           K Science

                                           K Social Studies

                                           1st Language Arts

                                           1st Math

                                           1st Science

                                           1st Social Studies

                                           2nd Language Arts

                                           2nd Math

                                           2nd Science

                                           2nd Social Studies

                                           3rd Language Arts

                                           3rd Math

                                           3rd Science

                                           3rd Social Studies

                                           4th Language Arts

                                     4th Math


                                           4th Social Studies

                                           5th Language Arts

                                           5th Math

                                           5th Science

                                           5th Social Studies

  vacation suitcase stickers

Print these onto Avery #8164 (3 1/3" x 4")

labels which you can stick onto the "school suitcase" when

the student has mastered a certain amount of tasks.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5


Just click on Language Arts, Math, Science,

or Social Studies under your grade level below to find the vocabulary

words you can practice.  All flash cards are color

coded. Language Arts are blue, Math are red, Science are

green, and Social Studies are brown. I also put the grade level

in one corner in small print. If the cards get mixed together,

you will know in which group they belong.  You can also

go to other pages on the website to play games,

get practice worksheets, get flash cards, see slide shows,

and practice ABC order. Scroll down to the bottom of

this page to find these for grades K-5.



       Language Arts 



 Social Studies   


     1st grade

 Language Arts   



 Social Studies    


    2nd grade

 Language Arts    



 Social Studies    


    3rd grade

 Language Arts    



 Social Studies   


    4th grade

 Language Arts    



 Social Studies   


    5th grade

 Language Arts  



 Social Studies          






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