Spelling Words

4th Grade


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These word lists come from Reading by Macmillan McGraw-Hill.


The Lost Lake
List 1
drank rest ahead drink dock hung trouble magazines self flock trust cousin cannon swept pleasant fist couple deaf lift wealth brand-new compass darted mug muttered talker

Amelia's Road
List 2
cape gray station rail freight agree teacher secret family cane crayon cable fail tea zebra rusty tray raisin bean tidy accidental labored occasions rhythms shortcut shutters

Sarah, Plain And Tall
  List 3
tiger drive reply roll note crow oak iron alike supply tomato stove below groan title pine overhead chose hollow file eerie huddled overalls pesky reins squall

Seal Journey
List 4
ruler avenue raccoon loose commute continue gloomy unit whose humor improve beautiful cube stool movement ruin bugle argue community tuna assured horizon jagged mature nursery squealed

Open Wide, Don't Bite!
List 5
dentist crown hospital medicine diet gums gland joint fever chewing brain cavity disease plaque vitamin ache dental clinic oral molars broad fangs patients healthy reptiles skills

Justin And The Best Biscuits In The World
List 6
biscuit clover public oven bandage cabin plastic radar mitten knapsack local mustard pupil sofa welcome razor fancy limit famous item festival guilt inspecting lingered resounded

Just A Dream
  List 7
blank daring claim flour crack bridge float plank classified cradle brand among flatter clothesline bridle credit darling flutter clatter cruise bulging crumpled haze shrieking waddled

Leah's Pony
List 8
thrill spruce stand speed stretch sprint spare threw stranger springtime stern spectacle strap thrifty street string sparkle stress special steak clustered country glistened overflowing sturdy

Baseball Saved Us
List 9
cities mistakes foxes babies knives engines soldiers ranches hobbies yourselves eyelashes uniforms batteries calves shovels sunglasses groceries loaves mattresses ferries crate ditches endless glinting inning

Will Her Native Language Disappear?
List 10
language history pottery study spoken accent tribe human custom village folktale practice relatives interview region symbol guide totem colony prints extinct native backgrounds generations century

The Hatmaker's Sign
List 11
oily annoy around growl disappoint royalty bounce bowling moist enjoyment aloud tower avoid employ lookout however appointment scout powder noun admitted displaying elegantly strolling wharf

Pat Cummings: My Story
List 12
curious pure fully sure wooden should furious cure handful crooked would bulldozer soot tour butcher woolen pudding goodness pulley overlook exist image inspire reference sketch

 Grass Sandals: The Travels Of Basho
  List 13
changed watch fresh shoulder whatever south chimney scratch shove wheat cloth themselves crunch batch harsh whittle thoughtful birch switch theater chanted pouch restless scribbled stitching

A Place Called Freedom
List 14
freed hugged emptied figured budding carried believed dimmed studied providing shedding sledding magnified wedged rotting varied arrived plugging rising celebrated fretted gourd plantation settlement sunrise

 Twisted Trails
  List 15
designs artist building activity museum art create master poster statue assemble craft express arrange professional mold easel plaster masterpiece exhibit challenge contained entertaining mazes requires

Scruffy: A Wolf Finds His Place In The Pack

List 16 awful daughter rear order office toward already brought form author false jaw after sauce chorus dawn hoarse war board cough affection  clinging methods threat injury

Gluskabe And The Snowbird
List 17
apart hardly yarn army marbles repair careful scare somewhere wear starve barber carnival carpet unfair therefore dairy hare prepare pear confusion hilltop lodge messenger praised

Meet An Underwater Explorer
List 18
fern curve worst shirt clear mere cheer serious germ burst worse swirl gear sincerely volunteer period insert purpose twirling spear connected endangered overcome poisonous sponge

On The Bus With Joanna Cole
List 19
bedroom anymore everybody classroom anyway backyard railroad forever bathtub homemade outline windowpane abandon available original research traditional

Earth's First Creatures
List 20
shells crabs liquid fact butterfly discovered cast lobster hatch expert mineral dolphin systems clam imprint kelp caterpillar depth skeleton fungus ancestors disaster microscope snout weird

The Fox And The Guinea Pig
List 21
mess sorry balance police classic rough certain telephone surprise elephant laughter citizen advice photograph cider alphabet triumph careless tough enormous amazement destroyed eldest fowl strewn

Mom's Best Friend
List 22
brother home either popular number pictures odor enter vinegar capture member nature tender visitor polar anchor pasture chapter suffer furniture errands instinct memorizing relieved sirens

The Rajah's Rice
List 23
final uncle several model terrible pencil lion taken simple women reason gentle total write level medical evil listen common cotton attendants awkwardly celebration knowledge released

Yeh_Shen: A Cinderella Story From China
List 24
that's he'll wasn't what's I'd there's couldn't he'd could've let's they'll weren't here's she'd who's it'll hadn't they'd where's wouldn't believed desire heaved marveled permit

Can We Rescue The Reefs?
List 25
rescue survive channel vessel expose dying shelter extreme danger protect seaweed creatures dissolve motion feature adapt locate assist future divers coral damage loosened percent reeds

List 26
knew climb calm although knight writer knob numb delight wren knead plumber chalk midnight wreck stalk kneel sought thorough wrestle circulated extraordinary launched opponents organizations

The Malachite Palace
  List 27
seen great light beat lean scene beet bowl grate fan peak post pail bury punch pale grave berry peek dates feeble fragrance mingled resembled scampered

The Toothpaste Millionaire
List 28
useless entertainment construction adjustable darkness motionless description measurement adorable breathless fairness government protection dependable sickness hopeless production enjoyable greatness encouragement brilliant commercials expensive ingredient successful

List 29
redo unkind disappear reread nonfat inactive international unlucky dislike unpack nonstop refill uncertain interstate incomplete rewind unsure disagree reheat nonsense identify mammals marine preserve related

Saving The Everglades
List 30
area hundreds size billions weight minute noon cone yard edge amount cylinder zero figure calendar quart decade rectangle era length compares importance instance lurk soggy



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