Spelling Words

3rd Grade


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These word lists come from Reading by Macmillan McGraw-Hill.


Grandfather's Journey
List 1
leg black much bag rocks kept hid window van mix rub ever buzz body thing astonished enormous journey scattered surrounded  towering

Phoebe And The Spelling Bee
List 2 
plane team raise breeze paper marry weigh thief cream awake grade creek carry sail neighbor continue correct embarrass legend unusual  groaning

List 3 
might life rode own most tie find toast wipe flight bicycle lie age spoke thrown guard length royal straighten within  gift

Max Malone
  List 4 
music broom soup fruit huge drew truth pool goose excuse dew juice crew group produce ceiling eager including scene section  cents

Champions of The World
List 5 player strike parade mitt batter bases glove action crowd cork baseball mound season foul outfield record celebrated cork pitcher score wrap  fans

City Green
List 6
open battle even candle frozen carrots silent bottle lazy lettuce maple fellow fifty flavor floppy area excitement halfway heap schedule  stems

The Sun, The Wind, And The Rain
List 7
block brake crazy flash grab plate blink broad crumble flood grand blind brisk flame plenty canyons flowed grains handful peaks  traded 

Dream Wolf
 List 8
 screen  stream scream spring skate slept spider strong scrub sprinkle skin sleeve string screen slice buffalo darkness echoes ripe shelter  herds

Spiders At Work
  List 9
blankets branches flies mountains states libraries pairs bunches enemies pockets jungles daisies inches companies addresses capture liquid ruin skills struggles  skills

Web Wonders
 List 10
web sticky bait cell silk weave fiber strands beetle thread science fang breathe taste prey earthquake hatch respect soldiers woven  crops

Moses Goes To A Concert
 List 11
paint young stamp thank friend ink behind faint swing thump belong student husband parent trunk concert conductor instrument musician orchestra  ill

The Little Painter Of Sabana Grande
 List 12
small ladder little happen rubber grass ribbon lesson silly butter supper middle possible hobby unhappy  blossoms  dawn  faded  imaginary  miserable  shallow

The Patchwork Quilt
 List 13
found spoil power enjoy foil clown voyage cloudy noisy count poison loyal allow choice shout anxious attic costume examined pattern  gazed

Pecos Bill
 List 14
spied moving robbed saving blamed beginning fried shaking supplied buried escaping hurried stirred splitting divided combine invented located prairie wilderness  stumbled

A Very Cool Place To Visit
  List 15
ice solid melt northern heat freezes matter frost snowflake thaw arctic dense degree chill igloo beauty furniture palace pure visitors  creeps

The Terrible EEK
List 16
shadow thirsty whip cherry thick shook cheese whisker thousand shone chain whether thirty chicken shelf completely humans motion reply weight  meal

In My Family
List 17
splash fetch tooth teach itch peach fourth crash coach sketch finish underneath stitch squash approach comforting designed dozens encouraging relatives  members

Cactus Hotel
  List 18
woman tall cookie bought song pulls cause always wolf fought across sugar saucer often footprint discovered insects remains tough treat  ribs

Big Blue Whale
List 19
everything sometimes outside someone anything without sidewalk afternoon playground newspaper notebook basketball barnyard cardboard fingernails adult calm feast mammal swallow  vast

J.J.'s Big Day
  List 20
second mass week gram hour pounds scale month ounce data pint gallon problems meter measure compared experts gain powdered switched  clams

Lon Po Po
  List 21
sisters giant once city stage jewels judge twice message circle gym rage jolly ledge sunset delighted disguised furious paced route  claws

Animal Fact/Animal Fable
  List 22
turtle words sharp learn person firm market worth skirt search merchant alarm world curtain startle attack bother expects label temperature  rapidly

The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin
List 23
store near fair storm stare deer hair beard glare important engineer sore dare force weary advice curious discuss experiment scientific  hero

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
List 24
won't you're I'll we've it's didn't I'm we're don't you'll he's doesn't she'll they've shouldn't avoid brief frequently gradual periods  report

Pure Power
List 25
coal sunlight globe gas save millions solar lumber climate planet recycle fossil windmills fuels natural energy entire future model pollution  produce

The Bat Boy And His Violin
List 26
dinner signal fiddle flavor collar handle summer travel metal motor cellar barrel center sailor stumble accept equipment invisible perform talented  mistake

Two Bad Ants
  List 27
wrong known daylight comb palm knock whole frightening limb folk wrinkle knife calf crumb height bitter crystal gripped kingdom vanished  whirling

Do Animals Think?
List 28
ate meet eight one so won meal sew to ant too do aunt two due brain communicate social solve subject  crafty

"Wilbur's Boast" From Charlotte's Web
List 29
  wonderful direction sadly comfortable quietly possession useful collection valuable invention powerful discussion busily expression unbelievable considering conversation hesitated interrupted seized  boasting

Koala Catchers
List 30
coast valley port outdoors wildlife harmed safe bay island country gulf migrate forests continent mainland crates loops rescuers starve strip  snug



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