Spelling Words

1st grade

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These word lists come from Reading by Macmillan McGraw-Hill.


 Max The Cat
  List 1   
bad had hat mat can pan                        
 give likes one this

List 2   
back quack tack rack pack sack                   your they what on

  What Does Pig Do?
List 3 
  dig pig pin win kick pick                               does look her there

A Path On The Map
List 4 
path that thin wish dish shack                     could down see be

List 5   ship stop map bus fast this                          one what look go

One Good Pup
List 6   but cut tug rug buck duck                            out small ride no

The Bug Bath
List 7
hot not lock rock top hop                              saw want very two

List 8  
shed red wet pet then hen                         away into good put

What Bug Is It?
  List 9 snap flat pass miss doll puff                      again use about around

A Vet
  List 10
vet help cat pat job hog                            small good out wants

Stan's Stunt
List 11
bump jump went tent spell spill                    try their fall would

Greg's Mask
List 12
class dress drop trip track clap                   any old new grow

Sam's Song
List 13
chin chick when sink wink think                   eat together now too

List 14
snake lake made shade came name         know under where why

Let's Camp Out!
List 15 sticks twigs snow mud fire sun                 under eat old try

 The Shopping List
  List 16    
smile while wide hide bite white                  after were blue who 

Yasmin's Ducks
List 17     
home hole nose those rope hope               work some buy because

The Knee-High Man
List 18
rule mule cute flute tube tune                            been clean done far

Johnny Appleseed
List 19    
rain wait way say tail day                               pretty how light live

Ring! Ring! Ring! Put Out The Fire
List 20
     smoke pole bell clean ring truck                  always work brave done   

Seven Sillies
List 21    
sheep tree three bee we she                          many all over four

Shrinking Mouse
List 22   
read reached leaf piece fields sea                 before off our come

You Can't Smell A Flower With Your Ear!
List 23   
hold cold boat road goes show                        more kind high by

Owl And The Moon
List 24   
sky shy eyes tight night child                          room gone my head

The Night Animals
List 25
 bugs frog pond logs come many                      find kinds rat owl

A Friend For Little Bear
List 26
roof fool moon zoo soon cool                            only called friend these

New Shoes For Silvia
List 27 
star dark park car part                                      bark or took every morning

The Story Of A Blue Bird
List 28
hurt first serve burn bird girl                              from sister brother mother

Young Amelia Earhart
List 29  
boys toy noise mouse town sound                 people father should horse

On The Go!
List 30
ten less five miles sum feet                               from these horses people


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