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Week 5


Last night (Sunday) before I knew what the new assignments would be, I decided to use some of my photos to create some new background tiles for my website. These are only a few of the results. (You've unleashed a PSP addict now!) I used what you've taught me about cropping, resizing, adjusting, adding effects, and saving. Wow!



old tile       changed tile     new tile


I cropped, resized, adjusted, and exported this photo to use as my top tile you see here on this page. I first made it to go with the two below, but I saw it would also look good with the background on this page. This is the sky section.



These were also created from the above photo.  I cropped the ocean section, resized, and adjusted. For the one on the left, I used the bubble effect and then the Kaleidoscope effect. For the one on the right, I used the weave effect and then the Kaleidoscope effect. I added a photo section to my website, and then I used the above as my background tiles to display the beach photos.



I was on a roll and cropped the section on the left from my Teacher of the Year photo showing the bouquet I received. On the first one, I used the emboss effect and then the kaleidoscope effect. On the next one, I decided to resize first and then do the kaleidoscope. On the last one, I used color edges effect in blue, kaleidoscope, and lens distortion.



Remember these from Week 3? The ones below came from the emboss one on the end.





Well, I couldn't stop there now could I! I went back and used the color edges effect of the flower photo in the middle to come up with all of these above.


Since I was into flowers and plants, I cropped this from a photo of a giant Elephant Ear plant taken on St. George Island, Fl. After using kaleidoscope, and tile effects, the ones below are my results.





Well, when I got up this morning (Monday), I started having fun all over again.




I used my ocean and sky cropped and resized photo to do the flood fill technique on and came up with the ones below.

 I also used another cropped and resized section of the Elephant Ear plant photo to use flood fill on for the one below.



Peachy and Sally would be ashamed of my efforts on this poor kitty! This is not my forte.


At least this piggy is a little better.


These poor flowers look like the ones at my house that suffer from my lack of a green thumb. I really warped them.


I could never get the Visman filters to work so I just used Eye Candy ripple and swirl on this Hosta tube. I had just gotten the Eye Candy CDs last week and wanted to try them out.



I liked the one I used earlier on the flood fill technique so much that I decided to do it using the metallic gold 01, angle 22, repeat 1, sunburst style, 50 horizontal, 50 vertical, tolerance 9, opulence 42. Next I used Eye Candy ripple on the right


I next used Eye Candy corona on the left. Then Eye Candy glass on the right.


I decided I didn't like ripple so much so I went back to the first one and started over. I used corona on the left. Next I used glass on the right.


The ones above went so well that I decided to try my cropped bouquet photo. I'm hooked on the glass effect! I cropped and resized my photo to 213x114. Then I used Eye Candy Impact glass.


Next, I found another I love too...texture noise!! I thought it would be gorgeous under glass, but it didn't turn out so pretty.


I went back to the texture noise. Then I used ripple and gradient glow on the left. Yow!  From there, I used wood on the right. From flowers to wood in 5 steps.



Well, I decided to use more techniques learned from the class. I just ordered Paint Shop Extras Creative Edition 1 and 2 which have some neat frames. I found the monitor frame which is perfect for me. I added the frame to the top right one using transparency color #ffff80. Next, I added text using Arial Black font, size 12, bold, stroke 1, floating, antialias smooth. The color I used was gradient Duotone red, sunburst, angle 0, repeat 1, vertical and horizontal 50.  I thought you might want to see the original photo; I went back and cropped, resized to 300x249, and adjusted using one step fix. I tried using glass, but it distorts everything out of proportion ( My arm looked like Popeye's sailor arm.).  I framed and used the same text except I changed to size 16.


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