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Week 3


cropped from a photo that was 2048x1536 pixels

I saw two of these birds at Orange Beach, AL in April, 2003 and assumed they were mates. They seemed to be posing for me. I  was able to get very close to them and zoomed my lens in close.  This was taken at 6:29 a.m. when I went for a walk on the beach. I saw them several days in a row near the same spot. I've often wondered what happened to them after the destruction by the hurricane.


                                                          before                                        after adjustments
                                 "I wish she'd hurry and              "I'm posing for The Smiling Teacher."
                                  snap the picture."


               one-step fix

                                                                            "My leg is getting tired!"





                                                         before                                                          after

                                                             "Where's my mate?"

                                         When I get time, I will take the fence out of the background.










             There were bunches of jellyfish all over the beach when I took this picture.

one-step fix
The one-step fix looks pretty good on this one.




                                                                         before                  after with a softening effect



                                                                            Let's sail away!!!




                                                                           red eye fixed

straightened and adjusted



                          before                                 embossed                                   colored edges

                                flower at Hilton Hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC September, 2005



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