Welcome to The Smiling Teacher website! This site is for ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) students at Northside Elementary School in grades K-5, other students at Northside in grades K-5,  for parents learning English, teachers, and students from other schools.

           Did you forget to take your spelling list home to study or to do spelling homework?  Just click on the blue cube or colored number in the Spelling Words area below to get the list of words you need. When you go to the next page, click on the pencil beside the correct list.  This will take you to another page where you can click on Word List and then print a copy out to use.

        There are word lists, an ABC order online activity, a concentration game, flash cards, a matching activity, word searches, crossword puzzles, a hangman game, cloze sentences, popup words for stories, word categories, word configurations, and several other activities for each of the 30 spelling lists for grades 1-5.  The spelling lists come from Reading by Macmillan McGraw-Hill. The Dolch Sight Words and Sight Words Kindergarten pages also have these same types of activities available.  Have fun at the areas on this site and come back often.

I have just added English Life Skill Words as a new page. I am in the process of adding activities to it. These activities can be used for children as well as adult English language learners.

         Check out the Games page.  You can have fun playing interactive word searches, jigsaw puzzles, quizzes, Hangman, slider puzzles,
picture scrambles, and concentration.  These games are sorted by months of the year. They can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.


     If you want to improve your vocabulary by learning new words, look up the meaning of a word in an online dictionary, or find out what happened on this day in history, go to the This Day In History or Word Of The Day page.

I am taking a course to learn how to draw graphics using Paint Shop Pro 9.  As part of my homework assignments, I have to post my practice drawings to my website. If you need a laugh and want to see my pathetic attempts, go to the page entitled My PSP Doodlings.


Click on the blue cube, colored letter, or colored number to go to other pages on this website.

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